8 bits make a byte. Unfortunately, you can’t eat them.

Ahem!  Anybody else went nostalgic after seeing this picture

I’m sure Your taste buds are searching for bytes. Your mouth is watering already.

We never knew it was the last time we were having it. We still crave for it, don’t we?   

8 bits also make a byte. Unfortunately, you can’t eat them.  

Children and youths, we still have traces of our memory on how to eat ‘N’ lick up till the last pinch of the brittle sweet snack. Combo of wafer’s crunch and chocolate’s yummy taste

Cadbury India was Launched in 2004. It comes under the Kraft Foods fold Cadbury was selling Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, and Perk, along with snacks Cadbury Bytes and health drink Bourn vita in India.

Normally when we snack, we always think about salty, spicy snacks like Frito Lays. Cadbury India tried to bring back the declining market for chocolate with an innovation in a sweet snack called BYTES having the bigshot Amitabh Bachchan as their ambassador.

Bytes was expected to create a new category of snacking and cracked out to be a new bud tickle. The sweet snack which was meant specifically for the Indian market was available with a touch of caramel, coffee, and strawberry in the round-off value of Rs 5 and Rs 10.

The cause for emptiness  Due to intense manufacturing costs involved with the product which led to lesser margins, they have decided to terminate the production. So Cadbury’s Bytes has been the low volume and low margin business. Getting the right product and packaging was a challenge for the company. It has sub-contracted the product to get the volumes and is poised for a national launch.

Mr. Kripalu (Managing director of Cadbury’s India) said “Capacity is a challenge for us, as we look to drive up volumes. We need to expand it and we will be doing it significantly”. So, they predicted the loss and stopped its production.

Still “Cadbury continues to be the market leader in chocolates and has other categories such as beverages, gums, and candies.” As the company has attempted to stretch the boundaries of chocolate and balances its losses with other economies of scale means Even if the market for one product collapses, the market for other commodities offsets it.

Kraft started to emphasize and cannibalize bytes using its premium brands such as Oreo biscuits, Tang powdered drinks, and confectionery products (like candies, toffies – eclairs), which has high margin and comparatively low mark up. So, the company bytes wasn’t a big loss.

  •  Automation is key. Salaries and other goodies are eliminated.
  •  Improvising machinery to reduce cycle time (from dough to product in the shop).
  •  You cross-sell complimentary products or services? Ex: how chips cover offer 2 GB in every pack.
  •  Improvising mechanisms to increase productivity.
  •  Eliminating the middlemen after establishing a shop to factory relation.
  •  Steps involving multi processes in a single run. That would reduce the traveling distance.

All these dilutes your manufacturing cost of each sale, hence growing your profit margin.
Bytes could have introduced regional flavors. Kurkure introduced Indian flavors. Lays competitor of bytes did a campaign on \”do us a flavor\” where people should come up with unique flavors. Innovation is the fuel that is running brands to date. They were concerned about what people want and not they can give us. If you remember, Kurkure was sold in Rs 3 packets.
Instead of shutting down its production, they could have used inline mediums like amazon pantry, big basket, and supermarket tie-ups.
Before leaving please fill our hearts with your responses. It’s towards bringing back bytes, the running campaign;



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