Survival of the crispiest


    It’s been over 75 years that lays is in the market, but Bytes wrapped it promptly ( 2004- early 2011). Why?  The salt crunch sheets lasted longer than the Choco-shots, innovation? Price? Flavors? Brand? Or was it written on doctor’s prescriptions? 

    Lots of added names for this snack, but the original crisps were found by Mr. Herman W. Lay (1932) sold lays at his car’s hatchback on the road. The subsidiary of PepsiCo exists over 200 flavors fueled by its strategies and innovation. After 30 yrs collaborated with Frito who is a corn chip seller and became FRITOS-LAYS (Frilays isn’t this nice) in 1961. Initially, the market competitors eventually made a  deal of merging with PepsiCo.

  • Innovation
  • Cost Cutting and
  • The strategy, the three main pillars for the success of the cracker.

    They left innovation to their customers, it held a campaign on ‘DO US A FLAVOUR’ where people had to come up with their own flavors, $1 million for the best recipe presented. This way it came to know people’s taste. When finally 3 flavors were released, everything got over in 2hrs.

    Lays offered multiple price points like ₹5 and ₹10 also ₹60, ₹80 packs, the family packs which substituted popcorns. Ads which showcased heaped crisps in a popcorn bowl was the easiest way of breaking the stereotype.

   Lays made you dive in for a chip. You may think why lays had so much air. Have you ever the Crunchies crushed to crumble?? Never right. The air itself acts as a cushion and prevents external influences, Hence no transits. The self-bashing of chips was prevented by the bi-curve profile which offered strength and hence the shape is preserved from the factory to lips. According to Facebook, lays was the 1st brand to advertise its snack on television. 

The ingredients eliminated 20% of salt ebbing out week on week, which showed no compromise in taste. In 2003, it removed trans fat, the oil used was HOSO (High Oleic Sunflower Oil). Recent up-gradation was baked chips due to health concerns and overhead cost.

    Knowing images dominate the world, the packs were remedied to have the jaw part of the human where the eater should align his/her face with a pack for a snap. It is different and people started socializing it but forgot to watch there were lays all over the post. Voila! Free ads.

    The management introduced the ‘SMART SNACK’ program, Capturing the crunch market by producing regional flavors and suiting the country’s attire. 

Lays owes a lot to be an affordable snack and matured flavors, it still holds the crunch market.


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