Industry Analysis

Industrial analysis is a part of analysis arriving to a profitable niche. Getting to know the sector will induce great knowledge about the businesses.

Industry analysis probes attractiveness of the industry, present profiting factors and factors determining future growth. Industry analysis and company analysis go hand in hand, understanding the industry is consuming knowledge about how the business is run. The framework provided by the broad view from the top which facilitates in picking businesses with good economics. Moreover, the trend applies to the whole industry, which benefits every firm disparately ( not equally) . The immediate proceeding of the analysis will lead to business analysis.

The understanding provides insights about the firm’s potential growth, competitiveness, risk involved, risk handling capability, financial growth and other industry comparative parameters. A sense of what’s happening in the industry and knowing how the present actions will guarantee future profitability. How does technology drive the industry and how far it will reflect in earnings. Is there any business who have gotten ahead with it? All these questions arise only with an funnel view.

Some industry analysis tools are:

  • Competitive force model by Micheal E. Porter
  • Broad factor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
approach to investing

In the process of comparing firms, diversified businesses are a hurdle which temporarily slows the process. The performance of individual firms of pure play can be attributed with the overall industry performance branched out businesses are to be slashed to the significant usable part. Industry analysis of investment can group industries that can be of any sort cyclical or non-cyclical, product or service, these broad classifications comprises most of the industries and active managers flag the recent trend to profit.

In a top down approach, small undisclosed, unpopular firms come to light may be a left out piece with a single puff. The amount of influence the economic factor has, has a correlation to the firm’s earnings with respect to the quality of management and how well the company responds to the external push.

Importance of Industry analysis:

Not only it is a crucial part of the investment, starting a business in a highly crowded industry is easy but sustaining and profitability is questionable. Forecasting demand and supply, more importantly other than investors, business starters should search for unfulfilled demands and filling those demand gaps accordingly be profitable with no fuzz. Finding and solving customer needs until a better substitute arrives in the market the business owner than channelise gains to his/her pocket. And a bucket full of them will benefit investors. In an already established business, technology improvement and taking the industry forward is the space to grow because cutting costs has been the game for centuries.

Pharmaceutical industry, is experiencing the trend and earnings talk for themselves. Automotive or automobile has attained its peak of sales. Textile industry, due to government incentives is getting on track and exports show strength. The FMCG and Agribusiness have shown resilience throughout the pandemic due to the undisruptable supply chain.