Euro Bonds

euro bond

Euro bonds are ideal bonds that are issued outside the country and are denominated other than the home currency of the country in which they are issued.

Euro bonds are admired because it eludes from every tax law and is the paramount feature of issuing one. The etymology doesn’t specify anything regarding the traded currency apart from the birth place of euro bonds.

The first Eurobond was issued in 1963 by Autostrade, the company that ran Italy’s national railroads. It was a $15 million Eurodollar bond designed by bankers in London, issued at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and paid in Luxembourg to reduce taxes


Euro bond vs Global bond:

A bond that trades outside of China, say the USA, and is denominated in yen, the bond is then indicated as EuroYen bond. When a euro bond trading out of the country in which the company is domiciled, and is denominated in the country’s currency in which it trades, is termed as global bonds.

Euro, with the currency as postfix will denote, in which currency the bond is denominated. Ex: Eurodollar, EuroYen etc.